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The University of South Carolina established a Trademark and Licensing program in 1983 to monitor the usage of its logos and verbiage (words associated with the university).

The mission of the Office of Trademarks and Licensing is to insure (1) proper use of those trademarks, service marks, logos, and insignias that have come to be associated with the University of South Carolina; (2) generate income to support and enhance the scholastic missions of the University of South Carolina; and (3) protect the university’s reputation, good name and image by permitting only appropriate uses and assuring that only quality products bear the institution’s name, initials or marks.

This formal licensing program is administered through and in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).


CLC is the nation's leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative. Formed in 1981, CLC assists collegiate licensors in protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing.

The CLC Consortium consists of more than 180 universities, bowl games, conferences, the NCAA and the Heisman Trophy. Based in Atlanta, CLC provides its member institutions the expertise, resources and experience necessary to maximize licensing revenue potential through the power of consolidation.

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is under contract to handle all domestic licensing agreements for the University of South Carolina. For information regarding licensing opportunities on any of the University's logos or verbiage, contact:

Collegiate Licensing Company
1075 Peachtree Street, Ste. 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
(770) 956-0520
FAX (770) 955-4991

Requests for domestic trademark licensing applications should be made through the Collegiate Licensing Company.

CLC International is under contract to handle all international licensing agreements. For information regarding international licensing opportunities regarding the University of South Carolina, contact:

Collegiate Licensing Company
1075 Peachtree Street, Ste. 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
(770) 956-0520
FAX (770) 955-4991


A crafter is defined as individual producing domestic handcrafted items in the home with collegiate marks, and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. This might include events organized by church, school, county, state, craft, holiday, Junior League, street festivals, gift marts, or flea markets. If this applies to you, please complete the Application for a Local/Crafter Licensee form. In addition, no more than (500) units may be sold per year and total sales must be less than ($2500). No sales will be permitted on a wholesale basis or to a third party retailer.


For use of University of South Carolina indicia for commercial purposes for a specific, limited time. For more information, please visit Licensing FAQ or contact either CLC or the directly.

Code of Conduct

In the past several years there have been issues surrounding fair labor practices which have affected collegiate licensing programs around the United States. The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) has collaborated with a focus group of collegiate institutions to develop a set of unified labor code standards.

The CLC code is similar to the Fair Labor Association’s code, and sets forth workplace standards for factories that produce University licensed product that help ensure that licensees do not produce collegiate product utilizing child labor or sweat shop conditions.

The code provides standards that cover various topics, including wages and benefits, working hours, child labor, health and safety, and freedom of association. The University of South Carolina is a member of the Fair Labor Association which monitors these standards.

The University of South Carolina is also a member of the Worker’s Right Consortium (WRC). More than 100 schools belong to WRC whose purpose is to assist in the enforcement of manufacturing Codes of Conduct adopted by colleges and universities.

Fair Labor Association Code of Contact

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