Getting Started
The University of South Carolina established a Trademark and Licensing program in 1983 to monitor the usage of its logos and verbiage (words associated with the university).

What is the mission of our department?
The mission of the Office of Trademarks and Licensing is to insure (1) proper use of those trademarks, service marks, logos, and insignias that have come to be associated with the University of South Carolina; (2) generate income to support and enhance the scholastic missions of the University of South Carolina; and (3) protect the university's reputation, good name and image by permitting only appropriate uses and assuring that only quality products bear the institution's name, initials or marks.

What is a USC Trademark?
USC's trademarks include the words University of South Carolina, Gamecocks, Gamecock, South Carolina Gamecocks, Carolina, Carolina Gamecocks, Fighting Gamecocks, Lady Gamecocks, Cocks, Cock n Fire, It's The Garnet Way, The Garnet Army, Williams-Brice Stadium, and USC. In addition to those words, Logos and trademarks include: Block C with Gamecock, Gamecock logo without the Block C, Interlocking USC, Interlocking SC (baseball/softball), Cocky (mascot), University Academic Marks (institutional logo with words University of South Carolina), Emblem, and University Seal.

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