Logos and Fight Song

Use of Seal

The Official Seal is to be used on graduation materials and other internal documents. A more simplified version of the seal for use on merchandise and other needs is called the Emblem which is similar to the official seal.


Garnet is Pantone PMS 202C. Pantone Process Black. Pantone 116 (Mascot Only)
Madeira Rayon 1182 and Maderia Polyneion 1981 for Garnet
Madeira 1171 (Mascot Only)

All references to Garnet are PMS 202C. Users should be prepared, if necessary, to change PMS 202C references in files using the appropriate software applications.

The Pantone solid color system, with over 1100 unique, numbered colors, was originally devised to help printers and designers specify and control colors for print projects. This is the most widely used Pantone palette, with colors sometimes ferred to as 'PMS' (for Pantone Matching System) or 'spot colors', and is used in the graphics, print, and publishing, industries. For more information click here.

South Carolina Fight Song

The tune is from the musical "How Now, Dow Jones" and the original song is titled "Step to the Rear" (composed by Elmer Bernstein with original lyrics by Carolyn Leigh). The sheet music was copyrighted to Carwin Music, Incorporated in 1967. The music was chosen as the USC Fight Song by former football coach and Athletic Director, Paul Deitzel. Mr. Deitzel wrote the lyrics to this USC Fight Song.

If you want to use a rendition of the fight song played by the University of South Carolina Band, contact the University Band office at 803-777-4278.

Any use of the fight song requires the release from the agency who licenses the original song.

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